Ultimate Vocal Remover v5.6.0

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Download Ultimate Vocal Remover for Free. This is a shell for neural network models created to work with a mix and extract audio tracks from it.

Overview of Ultimate Vocal Remover

The program serves as a shell for neural network models designed to work with audio mixes. It allows for extraction and division of audio tracks from the mix, including vocals and various instruments.

Algorithms and Neural Network Models
  • Demucs Algorithm
    • htdemucs
    • hdemucs_mmi
    • htdemucs_ft
    • htdemucs_6s
  • VR Models
    • 10_SP-UVR-2B-32000-1
    • 11_SP-UVR-2B-32000-2
    • 12_SP-UVR-3B-44100
    • 13_SP-UVR-4B-44100-1
    • 14_SP-UVR-4B-44100-2
    • … (additional VR models)
  • MDX-Net Models
    • Various models for specific track extraction (bass, drums, vocals, etc.)
  • Ensemble Mode
  • Audio Tools Add-ons

Features of Ultimate Vocal Remover

  • Extracts vocals and divides the mix into tracks (drum section, bass, keys, vocals, guitar, etc.).
  • Supports multi-track split feature on Demucs models for four or six tracks.
  • Supports a variety of neural network models (Demucs, VR, MDX-Net).
  • VR Models ideal for separating vocals and backing tracks.
  • MDX-Net models work well with old vinyl recordings and synthesized sounds similar to vocals.
  • Various AI models for specific track extraction (bass, drums, vocals, etc.).
  • Different architecture types including VR Architecture, MDX-Net, Demucs, and Ensemble Mode.
  • Additional audio tools for pitch and track time manipulation.

System Requirements

  • At least 3 GB V-RAM for GPU (6 GB recommended).
Important Notes
  • The application itself has been updated, more models have been included (including “VIP models”).
  • Hints can be enabled in the settings.

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