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The piano, a diva among musical instruments, exudes grandiosity and glamour like no other. Its captivating allure adds a touch of elegance to any production, making it a vital yet intricate instrument to master. Enter Virtual Pianist VOGUE, your smart solution for creating realistic piano performances effortlessly. With VOGUE, you can achieve stunning results while staying in the creative flow, regardless of your piano-playing skills.

Explore Virtual Pianist VOGUE’s Exceptional Features

Virtual Pianist VOGUE offers a wealth of features and capabilities that empower you to craft exceptional piano performances:

  • 30 Styles, 180 Phrases, and 150 Fills: VOGUE provides you with a vast array of musical styles, 180 phrases, and 150 fills. These versatile tools serve as your creative palette, allowing you to compose piano melodies that perfectly complement your musical vision.

  • 30 Finisher Modes with Multi-Effects: Elevate your compositions with VOGUE’s 30 finisher modes, each enhanced with multi-effects. These modes add depth, character, and sonic richness to your piano tracks, ensuring they stand out in any production.

  • 30 Preset Ambience FX: Immerse your piano performances in the right ambiance with VOGUE’s 30 preset Ambience FX. These effects enhance the spatial qualities of your music, creating a captivating listening experience.

  • Over 130 Global Presets: VOGUE offers a diverse selection of over 130 global presets tailored for various applications. Whether you’re crafting a ballad, a rock anthem, or an electronic masterpiece, you’ll find the perfect preset to enhance your music.

  • MIDI Drag & Drop, Resizable User Interface: VOGUE’s user-friendly interface allows you to work seamlessly. You can easily drag and drop MIDI patterns, and the resizable interface ensures that you have full control over your creative workspace.

Meet Your Musical Companion: VOGUE Virtual Musician

VOGUE introduces a professional session musician proficient in contemporary musical styles. This virtual musician can:

  • Create Rhythm Tracks: VOGUE excels in crafting rhythm tracks as part of a band, providing the ideal backbone for your musical compositions.

  • Accompany Singers and Instrumentalists: Whether you’re a vocalist or an instrumentalist, VOGUE can accompany your performance with precision and flair.

  • Deliver Engaging Solo Passages: VOGUE can effortlessly produce captivating solo passages and instrumentals, adding depth and emotion to your compositions.

Groove Operator: Unleash Your Creativity

From the legendary Elton John to the modern sounds of Alicia Keys, great artists have harnessed the magic of eighty-eight keys. VOGUE empowers you to turn your creative ideas into exceptional musical pieces. Whether you’re an experienced pianist seeking inspiration or a novice with no piano-playing skills, VOGUE is your ultimate companion for crafting memorable compositions.

Impeccable Sound Quality: The VOGUE Experience

VOGUE is first and foremost a meticulously crafted modern grand piano. It’s based on the legendary Austrian concert grand piano, renowned for its studio and stage sound quality. Tuned and tailored for pop and rock music, VOGUE delivers punchy and dynamic tones with pristine clarity and rich textures, making it a standout performer in any musical ensemble.

Great Listening: A Sonic Palette for All Styles

VOGUE’s sonic aesthetic seamlessly complements a wide range of musical styles, from soft ballad arpeggios to energetic rock beats. Its diverse sound and mix options ensure that your piano tracks blend harmoniously with your chosen musical genre.

One Finger Fun: Realism Made Easy

Creating realistic piano tracks has never been simpler. With VOGUE, you can effortlessly play your compositions in Instrument mode or let VOGUE take the reins and play for you in Player mode.

Features at a Glance: Unleash Your Creativity with VOGUE

VOGUE seamlessly complements Virtual Bassist ROYAL and Virtual Drummer SOLID, offering a powerful trio for your music production needs. Key features include:

  • Character: Easily switch between different character presets, from intimate sensual ballads to vibrant ’90s house beats. Paired with piano-optimized finisher modes, VOGUE provides a wide palette of meticulously engineered piano sounds.

  • Play in Key: Unlock the full potential of your VOGUE compositions by setting the key of your song. Player mode responds with varied and individual phrases and harmonies across a range of keys.


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