uJAM – Virtual Bassist SLAP v2.1.1.303

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SLAP is a wild child among our bass players. A modern, sophisticated and non-standard virtuoso. Forget those stupid Seinfeld style flip flops! Control your song with character and soul, it’s always energetic creative live wire. Parallel to that, there’s all the dependable professionalism you’d expect: SLAP shows up on time and lays down incredibly realistic bass lines. The best of both worlds! With SLAP, you can easily compose impressive bass lines.

What’s there?
30 styles with over 350 individual phrases.
Slap and Finger style playing technique.
Over 100 presets and 30 finisher modes with multi-effects.
MIDI Drag & Drop, resizable user interface.
Smooth Operator :
SLAP will spice up any production with electric bass lines, but is especially good for pop, funk, jazz and rock tracks. His forte is particularly high-rhythmic patterns and fast-tempo styles.
Technically brilliant :
The advanced recording and phrasing techniques used in SLAP will make your heart beat with joy. It is based on the Stingray bass with an active pickup system that delivers an energetic yet balanced character. The playing styles and patterns are convincingly realistic with the sophistication of a seasoned professional bassist. All the while, you can control this perfection with just a few MIDI notes and clicks.
Hear That Bass :
Realistic bass programming can be a chore. With SLAP it’s quick and easy so you can focus on your music!
Features at a Glance :
SLAP, with its combined slap and finger techniques, is perfectly complemented by the plectron-based virtual bassist ROWDY.
Slap and finger:
Easily combine both playing styles for impressive results and totally intuitive bass response to any user input.
Instrument Mode :
If you prefer to record your own phrases (or even bass solos!) Instrument mode gives you full access to all articulations. This means you can use your MIDI controller to play exactly the way you want with maximum creative expression (including adding dead notes, dots and even slides!)
PreSonus Chord and Key Track :
Studio One users using version 4.6.2 or later get the exclusive PreSonus Chords and Keys feature! Style and phrase descriptions are displayed on the piano track to help you quickly and easily find the right styles and phrases for your track. The new Chord Tracking feature in Studio One automatically follows chords and automatically changes MIDI notes for you.

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