UJAM – Finisher FLUXX 1.0.0 VST, AAX x64

Evil genius for creative effects. Deconstruct, transform and bring your sounds to life!
UJAM has announced the release of Finisher FLUXX, the third addition to its virtual multi-effects series.
Welcome to the laboratory– From the very beginning of sound design, audio scientists have been working in their labs… Micro-dosing fuzzing units, sample rate downsampling and feedback artifacts in precise proportions. One big question has always remained unresolved: “Can’t we use all this at once?” But with 50 unique effect chains compressed into a single FX unit, the risk would be too high. Is not it? Finisher FLUXX is the crazy professor’s answer in big glowing letters. As a result of the experiment, a creative effect plugin was created that is sure to bring your sounds to life. Supercharging them, taking them apart at the subatomic level: from the bizarre to the epic. Your lab has been upgraded, and whatever you call your creation, it’s alive!
Unleash your mad scientist– Speed ​​up, modulate, excite, rotate and catapult your sounds without limits. With over 50 separate effect modes, you’ll never run out of possibilities! If you want to tinker with sound shaping, stereo modulation, signal polishing and lethal degradation, FLUXX provides you with the perfect interface to run your favorite experiment.
Bring Dead Sounds to Life – It’s time to bring every detail of your sound to life. You control its size, temperature, atmosphere and other elements with high precision. But even the best producers will never know how you did it – putting you at the forefront of insane sound design.
Complex effect chains– With FLUXX, all complex routing is securely hidden so you can focus on sound design. Each mode is carefully preconfigured so you can have maximum flexibility without spending hours just learning a new interface. You can build and plan to your heart’s content without too much control.

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