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Plugins for electronic beats and grooves
Plugins for electronic beats and grooves.
Drums, beats and percussion form the core and heartbeat of the song, helping the music penetrate our primal essence and providing an anchor for the melodies and lyrics that hold them together. Electronic drum machines have been helping to provide that heartbeat for over 50 years, and their influence and unique sonic signature can be found in every genre of music, from disco and pop to EDM and hip hop.

-All welcome machines!
At UJAM, we understand the unique power of electronic beats, which is why we’ve created the Beatmaker series, a collection of easy-to-use plug-ins designed to enhance your productions with authentic electronic beats and flawless grooves.
With the release of Beatmaker 2.2.0, all Beatmaker plugins are now compatible with both Apple Silicon and macOS 12 Monterey. The easiest way to update is through the UJAM app. With this free update, all beatmakers are now available in VST 3 format.
-Many matching grooves-
The Beatmaker plug-in series covers the most exciting sub-genres of today’s music charts: BERSERK brings everything from dubstep to film scores to life, RICO adds a Latin club or dancehall feel to any pop tune you create, IDOL gives you a bright and rich sound. -Processed sound of K-Pop beats at your fingertips. GLORY is the virtual beatmaker for all kinds of trap and contemporary hip hop, NEMESIS for intense and dark electronic broken beats, KANDY is the cutting edge virtual beatmaker for the top of the charts, HYPE for huge festival anthems. , VICE brings the 80s to life with Synthwave beats, VOID for heavily syncopated DnB beats, EDEN for EDM, Big Room and Rave, HUSTLE for dirty and hard Trap and Grime, and DOPE for Boombap and hip-hop.
-Create genre-authentic, high-quality beats with ease –
Forget about loops, each Beatmaker plugin contains hundreds of rhythmic phrases in over fifty musical styles to choose from, with the ability to create your own unique hits, patterns, and grooves by typing in real time from your MIDI controller. Optimized for live arranging and mixing, Beatmaker plugins use UJAM’s signature “simple yet powerful” macro controls to allow dynamic and tonal adjustments on the fly.
Integration with Studio One :
Exclusive Studio One (v4.6.2 and later) Piano Integration: Style and Drum Element names are displayed on your piano keys to help you find the right Styles and Drums for your track faster and easier. The scale range of styles and instruments is marked with a red line on the left side of the piano.
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