Udemy – Ultimate Black Metal Guitar (TUTORiAL) [Requested Upload]

With over 4 and a half hours of video instruction and 50 tabs, in this course, you will learn everything you need to master the art of Black Metal guitar. We examine the techniques of both the left and right hand, the theory, the chords, the intervals and the structure of iconic songs. You will learn how to create your own riffs, songs, melodies, and harmonies ten times easier than you thought possible. We’ll look at equipment, and how to practice efficiently to get the most out of your practice routines. By the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to create Black Metal riffs, songs, and albums of your own!

Section 1: Welcome To The Course
Lecture 1 Welcome To The Course (Please Read PDF)

Section 2: Getting Set Up!
Lecture 2 What Equipment Will You Need?
Lecture 3 Guitars Used In Black Metal
Lecture 4 String Gauges
Lecture 5 Getting A Black Metal Tone
Lecture 6 Adding Ambience With Effects

Section 3: Picks, Picking, & Muting
Lecture 7 Picks
Lecture 8 Picking Technique
Lecture 9 Muting Unwanted Noise
Lecture 10 Palm Muting
Lecture 11 Picking Dynamically
Lecture 12 Using A Metronome

Section 4: Tremolo Picking – The King Of Black Metal Techniques
Lecture 13 Warming Up
Lecture 14 Alternative Warm Up Exercise
Lecture 15 Building Speed & Stamina
Lecture 16 Tremolo Picking On Single Strings
Lecture 17 Endurance Exercise
Lecture 18 Tremolo Picking On 2 Strings
Lecture 19 Tremolo Picking Crossing Multiple Strings
Lecture 20 Tremolo Picking On 3 Strings
Lecture 21 Tremolo Picking – String Skipping
Lecture 22 Tremolo Picking String Skipping Continued
Lecture 23 Tremolo Picking Open Strings To Power Chords
Lecture 24 Tremolo Picking Chords
Lecture 25 Tremolo Picking THROUGH Chords
Lecture 26 Tremolo Picking Chords & Muted Notes
Lecture 27 Tremolo Picking Muted & Unmuted Notes

Section 5: Scales
Lecture 28 F Major Scale
Lecture 29 C Major Scale
Lecture 30 Minor Scales
Lecture 31 A Minor Riff
Lecture 32 Harmonic Minor Scale
Lecture 33 Harmonic Minor Riff
Lecture 34 Phrygian Mode
Lecture 35 Phrygian Mode Riff
Lecture 36 Dorian Mode
Lecture 37 Dorian Mode Riff
Lecture 38 Hungarian Minor Scale
Lecture 39 Hungarian Minor Riff

Section 6: Harmony
Lecture 40 Diatonic Harmony
Lecture 41 Thirds
Lecture 42 Fourths
Lecture 43 Fifths
Lecture 44 Sixths
Lecture 45 Octaves
Lecture 46 Layering Guitar Tracks Using Harmony

Section 7: Triads, Chords, And Discordance
Lecture 47 Major Triads
Lecture 48 Minor Triads
Lecture 49 Diminished Triads
Lecture 50 Major Chord Shapes
Lecture 51 Minor Chord Shapes
Lecture 52 Discordance

Section 8: Creating Melodies
Lecture 53 Using A Looper
Lecture 54 Melody!
Lecture 55 Melody & Scales
Lecture 56 Melody & Chords
Section 9: Putting It All Together
Lecture 57 Combining Multiple Techniques
Lecture 58 Dynamics
Lecture 59 12 Tips For Black Metal Writing
Lecture 60 Forgotten Techniques Of Black Metal
Lecture 61 Song Structure
Lecture 62 Thank You & Goodbye!

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