[udemy] iZotope RX10 – Getting Started Volume 1

This short and easy guide to RX10 by iZotope, volume 1, is intended to introduce you to some of the audio editing and restoration modules contained in the program.
As the course progresses, the student will gain a solid understanding of the user interface and how it differs from traditional audio editor applications.
The use of the spectrograph is explained in such a way that the composite waveform and appearance of the spectrograph can be studied, analyzed and understood before editing and restoration decisions are made using the included modules.
The RX10 contains a huge number of editing and restoration modules designed to solve specific audio problems, and the student will get a clear understanding of some of them through practical examples.
Isotope says: “Things break. So does audio. Recorded audio is rarely perfect – in fact, it’s often in really bad shape. That’s why you need RX, the industry standard for audio restoration, which helps restore, clean up and enhance recordings when post-processing, music and content creation can be achieved with the RX Standard.
Who is this course for :
RX10 beginners.

Introduction 09:03
Updating 03:15
Audio Displays 05:52
Meters 04:52
Spectrum Analyzer 03:56
Module Chain 05:13
Repair Assistant 1 05:11
Repair Assistant 2 04:17
Repair Assistant 3 05:17
Removing Clicks and Crackles 08 :59
DeCrackle and Mouth DeClick 05:40
DeEssing 07:41
DeBreath 05:54
DePlosive 04:10
Adapting Frequencies 06:20
DeHum 06:00
Voice DeNoise 04:12
Spectral DeNoise 02:41
Using Fades 01:43
DeReverb 04:32
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