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Let’s face it, endlessly scrolling through YouTube tutorials trying to learn sound design is exhausting. We both know it’s taking up too much effort and time. That is why I have created a DaVinci Resolve sound design course made from real-life examples. In this course you will learn from the very beginning until the final delivery all the steps and professional methodology I take when I’m doing sound design for a client
• Sound Design Theory
• Types of Sound Effects and How to use them
• Professional Sound Design Methodology
• DaVinci Resolve audio interface
• Real Client Examples
• Access to High-Resolution Raw Footage and audio files for Practice
This course is included as a sound effects module in my Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve – From Beginner to PRO. If you are interested in learning about professional video editing as well as sound design I recommend you to enrol in that one.
What you’ll learn
• The theory behind sound design
• Types of Sound Effects
• The impact of adding Sound Effects to your edit
• Identifying the right Sound Effects
• How to apply Sound Effects in your video edit
You will learn everything you need to know about sound effects in video editing

1. Introduction
1. Welcome (00:47)
2. Intro to course (00:49)
3. Project Example (02:04)
2. The Art of Sound Design
1. Sound Effects (00:24)
2. Introduction to Sound Effects (00:25)
3. Types of SFX (03:14)
4. Finding the right SFX (41:26)
5. Add SFX to timeline (01:10:37)
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1 year ago

please fix the link…torrent keeps loading and loading k

swatantra singh
swatantra singh
1 year ago

please fix the link…torrent keeps loading and loading k