Toontrack – Progressive Metal EBX (SOUNDBANK)

Over the past few decades, the progressive movement has been one of the most vocal and constantly evolving trends in the metal scene. This extension for EZbass is the epitome of an instrument that meets the criteria of progressive music – a six-string bass that spans the breadth from subtle expression and articulation to raw, progressive power. In addition to sounds, the library also comes with a MIDI library of riff-driven grooves unique to the product, as well as an extensive collection of presets for a wide range of tones, allowing you to get started writing and producing right away.

For Windows Users
1. Run Installer.exe from the Progressive Metal EBX folder and install the library. 2. Run Updater.exe from the Progressive Metal EBX Library Update folder and install the library update.
For macOS users
1. Download Installer , unpack and copy it to Progressive Metal EBX folder . Run Installer and install the library.
2. Download Updater , unpack and copy it to Progressive Metal EBX Library Update folder . Run Updater and install library update.
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