Toontrack – EZbass 1.1.8 (WIN/OSX)

EZbass is a virtual bass instrument that delivers exceptional sound quality and essential features for seamlessly incorporating bass guitar into your music tracks. As part of the renowned EZline series, this instrument upholds the same levels of convenience, flexibility, realism, and sound quality that have made the EZline a favorite among music producers. With EZbass, you can effortlessly merge MIDI capabilities with advanced bass composition techniques, catering to various music styles.

Impeccable Articulations and Effects

EZbass boasts an extensive sample library that supports a wide range of articulations. These include legato, vibrato, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs, harmonics, and more. The instrument’s integrated effects section includes emulations of bass amps, cabinets, stompboxes, and rack effects, allowing you to fine-tune your bass sound to perfection.

Grooves Galore

In addition to its exceptional sound quality and articulation, EZbass offers a vast library of grooves. These MIDI parts have been meticulously recorded with keen attention to performance nuances. The grooves are categorized by musical style, and the library engine intelligently adapts them to match your project’s tone.

What’s New in EZbass 1.1.8

General Changes:

  • Added support for MIDI drags from EZkeys 2, ensuring accurate chord recognition.
  • The “About Sound Libraries” option has been removed from the Help menu, with the same information now available in the About dialog.

Song Track:

  • Chords (without MIDI) can now be effortlessly dragged between different EZbass instances.


  • A handy auto-recovery dialog now appears upon startup if EZbass experienced a crash and auto-saving was enabled.

Adding Additional Libraries

Expanding your EZbass library is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Copy the library folder (named “EZB” for the library) to the directory where your EZbass factory libraries are located.
  2. For Windows users, the default path is: C:\ProgramData\Toontrack\EZBass\
  3. For Mac users, the default path is: Library > Application Support > EZbass
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Christopher Sherren
Christopher Sherren
11 months ago

Where do I find the activator for these toontrack releases?

I have one for the old EZ drummer stuff, but not the newer stuff

Oscar Stern
Oscar Stern
5 months ago

EZ Bass 60s & 80s don’t have the install app features. I need to be able to install them.

Oscar Stern
Oscar Stern
Reply to  Oscar Stern
5 months ago

Hang on I figured it out I just had to make a new folder to where they’re easily accessible

Oscar Stern
Oscar Stern
3 months ago

There’s another one, the EZ Bass Disco Pop

Oscar Stern
Oscar Stern
2 months ago

Let’s hope Disco Pop gets added

1 month ago

Just click the exe and install, no crack or keygen needed. This worked seamlessly, thanks.