Tone2 – Nemesis v2.4.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3 x64

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Nemesis can use both classical digital synthesis methods and a new approach called “NeoFM”. NeoFM is more powerful and easier to program than traditional FM. It offers excellent sound quality. A warm and creamy signature sound is generated by its engine.

Nemesis 2.4 Changelog
Improvements :
Many small improvements.
Fixes :
Workarounds for many DAWs that were incorrectly resizing the VST3 plugin.
Automation in the VST3 version did not work with parameters that were located behind the 10th slot.
Workaround for Ableton and FL Studio not properly conforming to the AudioUnit2 standard and not displaying the AudioUnit.
Workaround for Ableton bug that incorrectly configured VST3 version automation settings.
Workaround for Reaper bug that incorrectly displayed automation options.
Fixed a possible crash

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