Tokyo Dawn Records – TDR Molot GE (WIN/OSX)

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Tokyo Dawn Labs announced the release of its new Molot GE Dynamic Compressor Plugin, featuring a redesigned concept, increased flexibility and a generous dose of rock and roll.
Molot is the name of the popular dynamic compressor released in 2011 by Vladislav Goncharov.
Molot GE is a particularly distinctive dynamic range compressor, combining several classic compression mechanisms with complex saturation, creative tone control and fast peak limiting. Whether it’s soft equalization, tight dynamic control or aggressively bright compression, Molot GE covers a wide range of compression shades. Although Molot GE does not imitate any “vintage” device, its sound and behavior are definitely inspired by their most interesting musical characteristics. This flexibility makes it suitable for almost any source, be it drums that require more clarity and percussiveness, enhancing and enriching vocals, or enhancing all types of guitar and bass recordings.
Like all TDR plugins, Molot GE uses state-of-the-art audio processing technology that strictly controls unwanted distortion. The intuitive and well-documented user interface offers quick access to all important parameters in a convenient manner. Several aids such as equal volume bypass and equalization, unlimited undo / redo operations, additional step-by-step controls, and many other features help the operator achieve consistent results in a short time.

New in version

# Fixed bug in update lookup logic
1.0.3 Hotfix update
# Slow / fast meter speed bug fixed (keep the selected speed on ff / fb change)
# Preset default values bug fix (default values were unpredictably changed on some occasions)
# Meter speed in “slow” mode fixed (now slightly faster)
1.0.2 Hotfix update
# Fixed compatiblity with mac os 10.9.5
# Added new GR meter options: Meter Source, Meter Speed
1.0.1 Hotfix update

– Musically intriguing compression flavors
– Brick wall analog limiter
– Saturation section
– Creative timbre control
section – Two-stage timing control section providing control over auto release behavior
– Feedforward and feedback compression
– Adjustable stereo link based on crossover
– Detailed color functions such as as negative compression ratio, side-chain phase rotation and bit-crushing.
– Various quality modes including zero latency operation
– M / S mode with dedicated width controls
– Equal volume workflow with equal volume bypass and equal volume equalization.

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