The Loop Loft – Four on the Floor Vol.1 (WAV)

Four on the floor. This is what you call the sustained bass drum pulse that has acted as the “rhythmic glue” in popular music for the past 100 years. From early jazz to r&b, funk, pop and EDM, all four floor drum tracks have one thing in common: they have a hypnotic effect that is directly related to the listener’s heartbeat.
We released Four On The Flour Vol 1 specifically to create that same connection. This is the world’s first library of live four-on-the-floor drum loops that can be used in almost any musical genre.

Sets included:
BrokeDown 87bpm
Dirty Double 115bpm
Essex St 110bpm
Fat Snare 121bpm
Folk Floor 99bpm
NailedIt 92bpm
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