Teletone Audio – Vespertone (KONTAKT)


Vespertone is your gateway to reshaping the raw acoustic sounds of iconic instruments like Wurlitzer, Vibraphone, Celeste, and Rhodes into captivating abstract versions.

Four Instruments in One Package:

  • Wurlitzer 200
  • 1970’s Rhodes
  • 1930’s Vibraphone
  • Jenco Celeste

Discover Vespertone in Action:

  • Vespertone Trailer
  • Vespertone Walkthrough

Each Instrument:

  1. Wurlitzer 200: Experience the unique charm of a vintage Wurlitzer 200. We meticulously captured both the dry, intimate key sound and the amped sound from a separate amp room, resulting in a rare blend of tones rarely found in virtual instruments.

  2. 1930’s Vibraphone: Immerse yourself in the timeless sound of a nearly century-old vibraphone, carefully preserved and filled with nostalgia. Choose from an array of mallets to achieve your desired soft or sparkling tones. Fine-tune the tremolo effect with the Speed and Depth controls for an authentic experience.

  3. Jenco Celeste: Delight in the ethereal tones of a beautifully aged 4-octave Celeste crafted by Jenco. We removed the rear screen to capture every nuance in intimate detail. The wide stereo ambiance of the live room was expertly captured with vintage tube microphones, ensuring an immersive sound.

  4. 1970’s Rhodes: Dive into the classic world of a suitcase Rhodes electric piano, recorded through a pre-1975 signal path to deliver the most genuine vintage sound. This iconic sound has graced countless classic records and is now at your fingertips.


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