Techivation – Plug-Ins Bundle

We — a team of music producers, sound engineers and developers passionate about creating tools
that make the process of creating music smoother, faster and more fun. We love innovation and believe
that there is no limit to improvement and creativity.

A powerful suite of all Techivation plugins to help you take your audio quality and workflow to a whole new level.

Description of the package (All names are clickable, with a transition to offsite):
T-Compressor v1.0.9 : Completely transparent and clean compressor? Or colorful and analog sound? A modern and minimal way to manage settings? Innovative serial processing? You are in the right place.
T-DeEsser Pro v1.1.15 : You want to overcome the limitations and make the brightest sounds clear and smooth without artifacts. You want more control over hissing sounds. It’s time to update the way you clean up the high frequencies. Let T-De-Esser Pro fix any harshness and hiss in a whole new way. Forget the fear of lisps or artifacts when you have this powerful tool.
T-Exciter v1.1.1: There is a lot of scientific jargon that could explain the technology behind the T-Exciter, but you’ll understand it once you turn the knob and notice the extra clarity, crispness and air they add to the sound, making it more enjoyable. and musical to the ear.
T-Imager v1.0.1*NEW* : This is the ideal solution for stereo music imaging to enhance the breadth, depth and breadth of sound. Enhance the stereo image of your mixes without artifacts and make your sounds blend well together.
T-Puncher v1.0.1: T-Puncher is designed to give musical punch and power to your drums while remaining natural. Forget about dialing too many knobs and getting lost due to artifact sound. You will feel the punch, the power and the musicality as soon as the T-Puncher is in your path.
T-Warmer v1.1.1 : With incredible sound saturation capabilities, T-Warmer will add weight and warmth to your tracks while maintaining their musical sound.
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Joey Sturgis tones maximizer. Next