Sugar Bytes – Graindad 1.0.6

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Free Download Graindad by Sugar Bytes, Version 1.0.6, for Windows.

Overview of Graindad

Graindad is a powerful granular effect for real-time sound processing. It offers a range of creative features to freeze, texture, and manipulate your audio triggered by transients, bars, or MIDI notes.

This sophisticated tool comes equipped with a modulation system that incorporates intelligent randomization for producing exceptional results. With filters, reverbs, delays, and a unique Harvester control, Graindad opens up new horizons for sound design.

Features of Graindad

  • Extensive Grit Sizes: Graindad can handle grit sizes of up to 64 grains, providing you with comprehensive options for real-time sound shaping.

  • Two Modulation Systems: There are two modulation systems at your disposal. The classic system includes modulators like step sequencers, a low-pass filter, and an envelope for familiar modulation. The Harvester, on the other hand, offers a visual and playful approach to controlling multiple parameters simultaneously. These systems can be blended to create complex results.

  • Randomization: Graindad embraces randomization as an integral part of its design. Nearly every parameter can have varying degrees of randomization applied. You can even specify when randomization should occur, such as triggered by transients in your audio signal.

  • Grain Engine: At the core of Graindad lies the grain engine, capable of playing back sound up to 64 times simultaneously using granules. You can manipulate and define these granules with 12 main parameters, enabling effects like looping, stuttering, time stretching, pitch bending, reversing, and harmonizing.

  • Modulation Engine: Beyond the standard envelope, LFO, and step sequencer, Graindad offers various modulation sources, including Harvester, randomizers, and MIDI notes. The intensity and source of modulation can also be controlled with randomization.

  • Effects: Graindad boasts a comprehensive effects section, featuring classic filters (low-pass, band-pass, notch, and high-pass), three reverb types (HQ reverb, spring reverb, shimmer), and various delay types, including flanger and chorus. Dry/Wet controls make it easy to blend effects into your sound.

  • The Harvester: The Harvester is a unique modulation system that simultaneously affects all 12 main controls. It offers unparalleled creative possibilities, with the distance between the Harvester and parameter objects determining modulation depth.

Technical Details & System Requirements

Graindad is a versatile tool, and here are some key technical details and system requirements to keep in mind:

  • Grain Engine: Up to 64 grains for intricate sound manipulation.
  • Modulation System: Offering countless random functions and the ability to morph between Harvester and central page modulation.
  • Compatibility: Native AAX support for Apple Silicon, VST3 compatibility, and fixes for compatibility issues with software like Steinberg Wavelab.
  • Changes: Stay up to date with the latest changes, including added features and bug fixes, such as the “Sliced Position Mode.”

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