Sugar Bytes – Cyclop (Win v1.3.7/Mac v1.3.1)

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Overview of Cyclop: Cyclop is a potent monophonic bass synthesizer that offers a spectrum of sound possibilities, ranging from spectral and digital to rich analog tones. It even allows you to use your custom samples as wavetables, providing you with a wide range of sonic exploration. Cyclop’s focus is on delivering cutting-edge bass madness and incorporating sequencer effects to create unique bass sounds.

Features of Cyclop:

  1. Dual Sound Generators: Cyclop is powered by two sound generators, capable of producing spectral, digital, rich analog sounds, or utilizing your own samples as wavetables.
  2. Wobble Expert: This synthesizer excels at rhythmic material. The oscillator modulates synthesis and filter with various waveforms, all tempo-synchronized. Automation can be seamlessly integrated with MIDI notes.
  3. Modulation Madness: Enjoy deep sound design capabilities with real-time control over 16 different target parameters. Alongside the oscillator, traditional sources like envelopes, LFO with 9 waveforms, a 16-step sequencer, and volume control provide up to five modulators.
  4. Cyclop FX: The effects section combines elements of Effectrix and Turnado, with four sequencer tracks featuring different effect groups. Control these rhythmic effects using the FX knob or sequencer, making complex sound design easily accessible.

Technical Details and System Requirements:

  • Monophonic Setup: Cyclop offers a monophonic synthesizer setup with 6×2 synthesizer capabilities, including Sample Transformer & Phase Stressor, and 10×2 filter modes, including Vowel Mode.
  • FX Sequencer: The synth includes an FX sequencer for precise control over effects.
  • Deep Modulation System: A comprehensive modulation system with various sources and real-time control.
  • Preset Cloud Browser: Access and manage presets effectively.
  • Free Signal Flow: Experience a flexible signal flow for creative sound shaping.
  • Wobble Generator: Utilize the wobble generator for rhythmic modulation.

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