Stingray Instruments – Majesty SE (OMNISPHERE 2)

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Overview of Majesty:

Royal SE presents 240 cinematic guitar tones that draw inspiration from two iconic electric guitars, the Majesty and the Ibanez JEM 7V. These guitar tones are designed for use with Omnisphere 2, making it a royal addition to your music production toolkit.

Features of Majesty:

  1. Inspired by Majesty and Ibanez JEM 7V:

    • The sound library captures the essence of the Majesty and Ibanez JEM 7V electric guitars.
    • These legendary guitars are brought to life within Omnisphere 2.
  2. Upgraded with Sonic Additions:

    • Royal SE goes beyond the standard Majesty soundset by enhancing each patch with effects from the NYLON SKY + UNDERCURRENT Sonic Extensions.
    • This results in a richer and more diverse sonic palette.

Installation Process:

To install Royal SE Cinematic Guitar Tones, follow these steps:

  1. Open Omnisphere.
  2. Click on the Utility icon.
  3. Select “install.omnisphere.”
  4. Choose the provided file for installation.

Please note that Omnisphere 2.8.4 is required for this sound library, along with the Sonic Extensions Undercurrent and Nylon Sky.

Additional Information:

The creators of Royal SE utilized original samples from the Music Man Majesty and Ibanez JEM 7V guitars to craft a wide range of sounds, including arpeggios, distortions, keyboards, pads, strings, and playable textures.

If you do not already have Omnisphere 2 and the required Sonic Extensions, you can explore the standard Majesty soundset. Royal SE is the Sonic Extension Edition, offering an expanded collection of guitar-friendly patches.


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