Steinberg – VST Live Pro v1.2 x64

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Advanced system for live performances.
Make your life easier with VST Live, the perfect live performance system. The unique stable software solution is designed for musicians who want to put on a great show with sound, light and video wherever you are. VST Live comes with a wide range of virtual instruments, timing features for your music, lyrics and chord symbols displayed on other devices, videos, Cubase imports, MIDI tracks for direct DMX light control, and more.

From home practice to rehearsals with your band; From solo performances in bars, clubs and small parties to band performances and large stage productions, VST Live’s wide range of features make it the right choice for everyone.

1. Install Steinberg Library Manager 3.2.20.exe
2. Install VST Live Pro 1.2
4. Install Activation Manager Unlocker b6.exe

– Added Redesigned Setlist Editor
– Added Actions for Setlists
– Added Undo/Redo to Setlist
– Added “Modern Selector” for Quick-Param assignment
– Added End-Marker Cursor to Tracks
– Added Auto-Scroll to Track list while dragging
– Clear MIDI Monitor with double click event
– Added Copy/Paste Shortcuts to Layer, Stack and Module
– Added Mixer Channel Icons
– Added 10 Auto Backup files
– Added Volume Display to Send Controls
– Added Bank Select Controls to Layer
– Added Blocklist to Plug-In Informations
– Moved HiDPI Setting to Preferences
– Added Trigger MIDI notes in the middle at start
– Automatically name Audio Track after audio file import
– Added “Part Shared” and “Duplicate Part Shared” menu actions
– Added Resizable Modern Popup Views

Issues resolved

App Crash while changing audio device (mac only)
App Filter active sensing from MIDI Monitor
App Crash after importing Cubase project and selecting another song
App Show application name in SAM when license is not available
App Fix “Save Archive” for cross-platform workflows
App Improved Touch Control
App Wrong Tempo for Import Media Project when “Arranger Track To Songs”
App No Song End action for last Song
App Rename “Close” menu-action to “Close Window”
App Disable “Close Window” menu-action when only main window is available
Component Transfer of Plug-In Bypass state wrong
Connection Crash while renaming Ports
Hub Fixed Scroll-Handles of Recent Projects list
Insert Removed wrong entries of Plug-in Selector
Insert Rare Crash while removing Inserts
Insert No Drag & Drop on same insert slot
Insert Copy Insert while dragging not possible
Layer Wrong layer controller map values ​​and LSB/MSB
Layer Context menu “Duplicate” and “Duplicate Shared” not working
Layer Transfer audio channel settings for copy/paste action
Layer Save Mute State Actions
Mixer External Midi Controller Support
Mixer Reload of ordering not working
Plug-Ins Removed wrong entries of Plug-In Information Dialog
Plug-Ins Missing <nc> display of MIDI-Selector for Plug-Ins with MIDI-In
Song Signature wrong while switching between tunes
Tracks Show “Media Offline” for Video clips
Tracks Fixed Copy/Paste Tracks
Tracks More MP3 Support
Tracks Tempo wrong for Pre-Count
Tracks Missing track outputs with first undo
Tracks Update clips when tempo events have changed
Tracks Update Info line when clip parameter have changed
Tracks Removed Instrument Channels as Output targets
Tracks Missing media files on loading projects


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