Soundiron – Voltage Bass (KONTAKT)

The Voltage Bass is a 4-string electric bass guitar with hot pickups, a wide tonal range and a versatile sound ready for any genre of music. We put it to the test with 30 articulation notes of fingered sustains, palm mutes, picked palm mutes, picked chokes, harmonics with six velocity layers and eight round robins. We recorded the E1 – C#4 with a mic amp for a steely character and meaty sound, and straight into line for a transparent clean tone, perfect for adding your own amps and effects.
This bass legend is enhanced with 20 ambient pads, synth delays, staccato and a powerful rack FX so you can dial in your new favorite bass preset, create a rehearsal track for your band, or compose an epic rock musical. You can also use our advanced options like speed range limiter and legato for even finer control. For your next project, take the Voltage Bass… The results will blow your mind!

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