Soundiron – Hyperion Strings Oktobass

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Free Download Soundiron’s Hyperion Strings Oktobass Kontakt Library for Kontakt.

Overview of Oktobass:

Oktobass is the deepest concert string instrument with a thunderous, room-shaking growl. We’ve used this monstrous beast to create a massive virtual instrument offering over 30 articulations and over 12GB of content. You’ll find plenty of sustains, shorts, dynamic expressions, true legato, creative effects, and hundreds of aleatoric melodic phrases. 

Part of our Hyperion Symphonic Series, it brings a suite of intuitive options, flexible instruments and inspiring performance features, from intelligent arpeggio and articulation switching to flexible tempo sync and sound-shaping DSP effects, all at your fingertips to make things easy. create brilliantly realistic arrangements.

The first Octobas (also spelled “Octobas”) was built in 1849 by Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, but by the late 1800s it had become a legend, lost but not forgotten for over a century. Then, in 1996, double bassist Nicola Moneta, luthier Pierre Bor and bow maker Piero Cavalazzi constructed the first modern octobass. Over the past 25 years, Moneta has played it in nearly 150 concerts around the world, although it remains one of the few still in existence today.

Features of Oktobass:

The instrument comes equipped with a suite of intuitive options and flexible tools. These include intelligent arpeggio and articulation switching, as well as features like tempo syncing and sound-shaping DSP effects. The performance features are designed to be easily accessible, allowing users to create brilliantly lifelike arrangements effortlessly.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

The Oktobass stands out as the deepest concert string instrument, reaching a colossal 3.48 meters (11.5 ft) in height. Played from a raised platform using mechanical levers to operate the fretboard, its voluminous body produces a surprisingly delicate character with intense stereo movement and subtle mechanical ornamentation.

The instrument was meticulously recorded by Giorgio Riolo and Daniele Bertinelli at the private Moneta Gallery in Milan, Italy. A pair of large diaphragm microphones close to the F holes captured a dry and intimate sound, while a wide-spaced pair of omnis at 2 meters added a bright and vibrant chamber quality. The mics can be mixed in real-time, offering versatility in sound manipulation.

  • Format: KONTAKT (6.2.2+)
  • Qualit : 24-bit 48 kHz stereo

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