Sonuscore – Warhorns

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Free Download Warhorns Sound Library by Sonuscore for Kontakt.

Overview of Warhorns:

The library is supposedly “free”, but you can’t get it on the official website just for beautiful eyes – it is given as a bonus when purchasing any Sonuscore library as part of the Black November Sale 2023! Bronze lur is a surviving example of a wind instrument from the Bronze Age in Scandinavia. We used a replica of a horn that is about three thousand years old and is now in the Copenhagen National Museum.

Features of Warhorns:

  1. MIGHT AND MAJESTY: Horns, horns, horns, the horns of war dimly echoed. With this FREE instrument, hear “the great horns of the north wildly blowing”, calling back such great medieval combat scenes like in Lord of the Rings and Vikings.
  2. Bronze lur: The surviving example of a wind instrument from the Bronze Age in Scandinavia. We used a copy of a horn that originally dates back some three thousand years and is now housed in the Copenhagen National Museum.
  3. Bukkehorn: This bukkehorn, made from the horn of a billy goat, is one of the earliest known types of lip-vibrating instruments.
  4. Neverlur: The Norsemen carefully nurtured select pine trees to craft this horn. After the pine is cut in half and carved out, it is kept in horn shape by birch bark strips. The Viking Sagas often make reference to this horn.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Publisher: Sonuscore
  • Format: KONTAKT (7.5.0)
  • Quality: 24-bit 48 kHz stereo

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