Sonuscore – Origins Vol.8 Fado Guitar & Cavaquinho (KONTAKT)

Two stringed instruments that form the basis of Portuguese and Latin American music – the guitar fado and cavaquinho are especially characteristic of the styles of the whole world. They form a beautiful and convincing pair for the ORIGINS VOL plugin. 8 ethnic string plugin. Cheerful cavaquinho strings create the perfect base for the soulful melodies of the fado guitar.
Fado Guitar
Traditionally played in the dark city squares of Coimbra and Lisbon, Fado is always accompanied by the metallic beats and graceful slides of this distinctive and timeless lute guitar. Also known as the Portuguese guitar, it has twelve steel strings set in pairs. Rooted in old medieval music, it was played by troubadours and itinerant musicians, spread both in the theater and in taverns, and is now used not only in Portugal but throughout South America.
Cavaquinho is the mother of a whole family of smaller string instruments. She brought the ukulele to the world and is still the main source of joy and rhythm in songs throughout Latin America, especially in Brazil and Venezuela, and is very important in samba and choro music. It was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese and from there spread throughout the world, becoming a treasure of island cultures from Cape Verde to Hawaii.

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