Sononym 1.3.1 (x64)

Sononym is an exemplary browser that organizes your sounds using machine learning and lets you explore how those sounds relate to each other. We call it similarity search, a special sound-based search mode that even allows you to record sounds in real time and get immediate feedback.
The software has been built from the ground up to facilitate this special search mode. Our plan is simple: improve the software based on the feedback received and expand it to even more platforms.

What’s new
(Sononym 1.3)
• Faster access to libraries
• Select and Search/Export Audio Regions
• Favorites, Quick and easy
• Support for system clipboard
• New Columns: Date Added, Crest Ratio
• Changed Filter Panels
• Improved handling of missing files and folders
• New keyboard shortcuts
• Other tweaks and bug fixes
(Sononym 1.2)
• Upgraded Internals
• Improved Text Search (Synonyms)
• Additional File Name Columns
• More Customizable Collections
• Faster Audio Preview
• Smooth scrolling on touch/trackpads
• Improved drag and drop in Windows
• Other tweaks and bug fixes…
(Sononym 1.1)
• Drag and drop of multiple files
• Filter by notes in different octaves
• Shuffle/Randomize Search Results
• Redefine Classes and Categories manually
• Delete/Delete files and folders
• “Scroll Lock” During Similarity Search
• Optimized: Faster insertion and check for missing files in collections.
• Changed: Removing a filter no longer resets the filter state, but simply disables it.
• Fixed: category filter panel could freeze only one row.
• Fixed: More checks for corrupted / damaged wav files (file indexing).
• Fixed: Explore tab now always shows folder tree (may be missing)
• Fixed: Some minor issues with autocomplete/auto-suggest when typing search
• Fixed: Prevent pinch to zoom gesture on macOS (magic trackpad
• Fixed (version v1 .1.1): Security warning during installation (macOS 10.14.5 and later)
• Fixed (v1.1.1): Crash when exiting the application (affects some macOS installations)
• Fixed (v1.1.1): Misspelled title categories (Atmosphere => Atmosphere)
• Fixed (v1.1.1): Inconsistent behavior of “Play and Stop”
• Fixed (version v1.1.1): “Add to collection X” does not work from the context menu
List of changes made
• Automatic product registration
• Disabled automatic check for updates.
• Disabled crash reporting.
• Automatic addition of “” to the hosts file.
CEC5490A8A1D3AA2E7772553ED2440A1 *Sononym.1.3.1.x64.Win.exe
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