Sonic Projects – OP-X PRO-II v1.3.1

Free Download Sonic Projects’s OP-X PRO-II Synthesizer Latest Version [v1.3.1] for Windows PC.

Overview of OP-X PRO-II:

OP-X PRO-II is a virtual analog synthesizer, originally based on the famous Oberheim OB-X. However, its engine has evolved to include features borrowed from other iconic synths of the era, making it incredibly versatile. The range of possible sounds extends from early mono synthesizers, classics like the OB-X and Jupiter-8, to the Matrix-12.

Features of OP-X PRO-II:

  • The engine closely follows the technical structure of real-life analog polyphonic synthesizers from the 80s.
  • It features 12 custom voices in two voice banks, with 2 generators per voice (saw, pulse, sine).
  • Various modulation options such as FM, hard sync, ring modulation, and pulse width modulation are available.
  • The synthesizer includes a morphable multimode filter, switchable self-oscillation of the filter, and 2 LFOs with different waveforms and functions.
  • Two ADSR envelopes are provided for filter and amp, with customizable options.
  • Stacked unison, switchable legato or retrigger, polyphonic portamento, and arpeggiator with 32 modes enhance the creative possibilities.
  • Built-in effects processor (reverb/delay) with presets, MIDI learning, and processing of relative or read CCs contribute to the synthesizer’s versatility.
  • The synthesizer comes with a built-in patch browser, including 2500 presets that encompass many famous sounds from the 80s.
  • It offers two interface types (synthesizer/rack), each with three sizes (standard/large/large).

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • The OP-X PRO-II engine simulates the technical structure of analog polyphonic synthesizers from the 80s, with separate discrete circuits for each voice.
  • It allows for individual tuning of voices, mimicking the analog calibration process with virtual trimpots.
  • The synthesizer supports MIDI learning, processing of CCs, and remote CC patch switching.
  • Arpeggio hold and sequencer start/stop can be controlled by the damper pedal.
  • Global configuration options for OSC, FILT, ENV, and POR are available.
  • The synthesizer offers voice design customization through Separate Voice Design (SVD).
  • Panning adjustment for each voice channel, panning modulation, and individual trimpot settings for custom configurations are provided.
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