[Sonic Academy] Future Rave with Protoculture

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Following Protoculture’s Future Rave Technical Sound Design Tips, we bring you the complete course “How To Make Future Rave”!

Over the next three hours, Nate will create this absolutely classic Future Rave track from scratch. We’ll first look at what defines a genre, and then we’ll put together our elements developed in the Tech Tips course. Then we move on to arranging, adding effects, ear candy and automation, and then finishing with mixing and mastering.

A simple and straightforward course using only Sonic Academy and free or stock plugins – with these two courses you will literally have everything you need to master this genre and create your own epic Future Rave track!
Tutorial 01 – Introduction and Playthrough
Tutorial 02 – Track Analysis
Tutorial 03 – Kick and Bass
Tutorial 04 – Main Lead
Tutorial 05 – Drums and Percussion
Tutorial 06 – Additional Synth Parts Tutorial 07 –
Arrangement Tutorial 08
– Effects
Tutorial 09 – Ear Candy and Final Arrangement
Tutorial 10 – Mixdown
Tutorial 11 – Mastering

The distribution contains project files.


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