Skillshare – Ableton Essential Exercises Level 1-5 by Stranjah

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A collection of all available video courses from the notorious STRANJAH. The composition contains all the files that were attached to each course.

Brief information about the author himself:
Hello, my name is Stranjah and I am a music producer and teacher! With over 20 years of experience producing music for international labels such as Hospital Records and Metalheadz, I have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of what it takes for students who want to make music but have trouble getting started. I teach almost as much as I do music. I started teaching friends and colleagues and then moved on to professional teaching in groups and private lessons. My teaching style is direct, with a simple step-by-step approach to ensure that students can follow me and progress.

Ableton Essential Exercises Level 1: Drum Basics (27 Min)
In this course, you will learn basic drum techniques by following simple step-by-step exercises. Be sure to practice each lesson several times until you have the steps and pattern memorized. By the end of the course you should have the fundamental techniques to start writing your own drums!
Ableton Essential Exercises Level 2: Intermediate Drums (28 Min)
This class will build on the material we learned in Level 1 by expanding your knowledge on rhythms from genres such as Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Reggaeton. These genres will allow you to build a solid foundation to create complex rhythms found in Drum & Bass, Footwork, Dubstep, Techno and other advanced genres..

Ableton Essential Exercises Level 3: Advanced Drums (30 Min)
Ableton Essential Exercises Level 4: Simple Tips for Basslines (41 Min)
In this beginners class you will learn simply techniques to start writing catchy basslines. This class is based around Drum and Bass, however you can apply it to other genres. Download the class project to follow along.

Ableton Essential Exercises Level 5: Chopping Breaks (41 Min)
Learn how to chop up breaks using audio, MIDI and advanced sample manipulating techniques.
Ableton Essential Exercises Level 6: Basics of Serum (47 Min)
Learn the basics of modern synthesis and sound design using Serum VST.

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