Rainwaves – Ivy Note CV Harmonizer 1.0.1 Reason RE x64

Ivy is a polyphonic CV note harmonizer that represents a type of device tools. It listens to the notes you play via MIDI or CV and creates a new set of notes to match musically with the original notes you played.
Connect the Ivy to up to two of your favorite Reason instruments via separate Gate / Note CV outputs to create harmony music parts from a single MIDI track. You can also use multiple instances of Ivy together to build chords by combining them or linking them together.
You can program Ivy to create harmony rules that define the ratio of musical pitch that exists between the original notes you play and the new notes Ivy generates. Ivy allows the user to select a global harmony interval for any received notes, or by enabling “Advanced Mode” instead, the user can select a unique harmony interval for each of the twelve musical notes.

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