Put Me On Drums v1.0.1 Mac [MORiA][Intel/Apple]

Put Me On Drums with K-391 Beats That Bounce, Get ready to smash the drums! We couldn’t be more proud of this multi-effects plugin and our collaboration with superstar Norwegian manufacturer K-391. This amazing drum processor takes your beats and fires them up with intense effects, resulting in transformations that will blow your listeners away. Combining multiple parameters to create punch, weight, depth and pose, this plugin is your new secret weapon in the fight for distinctive drums. The specially designed dual-frequency routing combines specific effects for the bass and treble ranges, providing unrivaled control over drum shaping and deformation. Regardless of,
Add. information :

– Artist series plugin from K-391
– Frequency division drum processing
– Scalable interface with visual feedback
– Independent processing of high and low modules
– Saturation, harmonics and auxiliary tail control
– Formant shifting and dimension processing
– A/B comparison profiles
– Set right click options
– Responsive and CPU friendly
– Factory settings
– Complete PDF manual and tutorial video
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1 year ago

Would it be possible for you to link the official website that is selling plugins moving forward on future posts? That would be amazing!