[Punkademic] The Musician’s Guide to Record Labels and Record Deals

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Everything you need to know to survive in the music industry.
This course focuses on how bands (and any musical collaborators) work together.

We’ll start with traditional record deals and move on to more modern deals.
We’ll be talking a lot about the “necessity” of a record deal in this day and age and how to get by without one altogether.
I will walk you through each question in the contract so that you fully understand what is being asked of you.

Here is a list of some of the questions we will answer:

– Working with Producers
– Master Ownership
– Distribution
– Credit Companies
– Record Company Roles
– Employment –
Record Contract Scope
– Record Deal Length
– Additional Song Options
– Other Options
– Release Commitment
– Achievements
– Payback
– Payback
– Royalties
– Royalty Rate
– Royalty Basis
– Royalty Deductions
– Goods
– Videos
– 360 Deals
– Contracts with Manufacturers
– And much, much more!


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