Pulsar Audio – Plugins Bundle v2023.08


Pulsar Audio is a distinguished French company specializing in the realm of high-quality sound processing. Founded by former engineers who have honed their craft at some of the audio industry’s leading giants, Pulsar Audio brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the world of audio technology. At its core, the company embraces a forward-thinking approach while cherishing the timeless allure of vintage machinery.

Pulsar Audio’s Innovative Kit:

Explore Pulsar Audio’s exceptional lineup of cutting-edge plugins designed to enhance your audio production:

  1. Pulsar 1178 v1.3.9: Immerse yourself in the beautifully emulated and enhanced FET compressor. Known for its speed, distinctiveness, and versatility, it serves as the ultimate tool for controlling and refining modern mixes.

  2. Pulsar 8200 v1.0.11: Experience the faithfulness of this emulation, which pays homage to the legendary GML8200 designed by George Massenburg, the visionary behind the parametric equalizer.

  3. Pulsar Echorec v1.5.8: Journey into the past with this software emulation of the iconic Binson Echorec, an echo/delay device that left an indelible mark on music during the 1960s.

  4. Pulsar Massive v1.2.8: Unleash the potential of the most comprehensive passive EQ plugin available. Its musicality and intuitive controls make it an indispensable tool for both mixing and mastering.

  5. Pulsar Mu v1.4.8: Delve into the unparalleled accuracy of this modern yet legendary tube compressor/limiter. It serves as the perfect sonic adhesive for all your mixing and mastering needs.

  6. Pulsar Smasher v1.3.10: Harness the straightforward power of this extreme compressor, meticulously modeled after the distinctive “British Mode” of the modified 1176 compressor.

Pulsar GRA-FIX (Legacy System):

To access the graphics selector of your desired Pulsar plugin and select either “Legacy OpenGL” or “Direct 3D 11” (if your GPU supports it) via the drop-down menu on the patcher, follow these steps:

*Note: After applying the patch, if the plugin continues to display a black screen, it indicates that the new settings from the patcher were not loaded. To resolve this, users must delete all .json files from the folder of all plugins within the directory: C:\Users[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Pulsar”

Pulsar Audio stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment to audio excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of sound processing technology. With their remarkable plugins and dedication to preserving the sonic wonders of the past, Pulsar Audio continues to inspire and elevate audio professionals worldwide.


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