Production music live – Mixing & Mastering A Melodic Techno Track From Start To Finish (Tutorial)

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This course is set up so that you learn how to mix your own production from A to Z. The project has one goal and that is to make an in the box mix using an analogue approach to glue together with minimal effort. This minimalistic approach is taught by Guido Werner from Catandbeats and MixMasterYou.
He will teach you all about different types of compressors, when to use which, how to listen, how to set up a file that practically mixes itself, reverbs, delays and the mastering process. If you ever wanted to sit next to an engineer while he does his thing this is it.
Software / Plugins used:
Ableton Live 9.7.3 Suite
Arturia MINI V3
Max for Live
Waves: SSL Comp
Kramer Tape
Scheps 73
Aphex Vintage Exciter
U-He: Satin
Xfer Records: LFO Tool
Facebook 360: Spatialiser Izotope
Ozone 7 Advanced
Lounge Lizard
Sample files : None
Video format : MPEG-2
Video : AVC, 1920×1080, 30 fps
Audio : 44.1 KHz, AAC LC, 2 ch


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