[Production Music Live] Arrangement Course

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Do you find it easy to come up with creative ideas and create good loops? But do you have trouble turning them into an entire song? Then this course is for you!

We will guide you from basic musical structures to genre standards for many types of contemporary electronic music such as Techno, Future Bass, Pop, House and Melodic Techno. You’ll get the perfect starting point and lots of practical tips and tricks for your production. This arranging course will help you finish more songs faster, we’ll show you the structures and secrets to creating successful songs.

Intro and Basics
Welcome Intro (1:09)
What is a Bar? (3:13)
Part 1

The Pop Form (8:00) Descriptive Arrangement (7:28)
Concept of Contrast – Practical Tips (5:27)
Concept of Tension & Release (2:27)
Tension & Release – Practical Tips (3:11)
Proportions (2:02)
part 2
Build Up (4:28)
The Drop (8:14)
Verse – Construction Part (3:15)
Analysis of a Melodic Techno Track (9:34)
Part 3
8 Bar Techno Loop to Full Arrangement (25:49)
8 Bar Melodic Techno Loop to Full Arrangement (20:08)
More Practical Sessions Following

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