Pro Sound Effects – Gators (WAV)

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Free Download Gators Samplepack by Pro Sound Effects. Beef up your sound design with the ferocity of Gators – from beastly bellows and monstrous growls to aggressive hissses and vicious jaw snaps.

Overview of Gator Soundpack:

Improve your sound design with ferocious alligators – from bestial roars and monstrous growls to aggressive hisses and vicious snapping jaws. This one-of-a-kind dedicated library provides stunning alligator sound effects, ready to add power and intensity to your audio projects.

Features of Gator Sound Library:

  • Includes 75 WAV sound effects.
  • Captures beastly bellows, monstrous growls, aggressive hisses, and vicious jaw snaps.
  • Rare and challenging to record due to the stealthy nature of alligators.
  • Developed by recordist Colin Hart after years of excursions in Florida swamps.
  • Features bellowing mating calls, warning hissses, snarls, and more.
  • Offers partially submerged hydrophone recordings and marsh and bird ambiances.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Format: WAV
  • Quality: 24-bit 192 kHz mono

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