Past to Future Reverbs – DUFF PUNK’D GUITAR

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Free Download DUFF PUNK’D GUITAR Kontakt Library by Past to Future Reverbs for Kontakt.

Overview of DUFF PUNK’D GUITAR from PTF

It’s sad but true, but unfortunately this year (one of our heroes) Daft Punk announced they were breaking up. Not only the deep groove of their drums, but also the elements of funky guitar beats that make dance legs shake, were defining for the sound of this legendary group.


That’s why we tried to dare to create the DUFF PUNK’D GUITAR. The best thing about this tool is that it is not perfect. Thanks to many cyclic checks (30 ALTERNATIVE PATTERNS PER KEY), it is also a source of new inspiration. Catchy guitar melodies can be easily written. These are muted guitar sounds with special DP FX effects. This is a great accompaniment instrument, allowing you to play the main note with single muted strokes while the bass and rhythm guitar continue to do their thing.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • DUFF PUNK’D GUITAR for Kontakt
  • Pin 5.4.3 and higher (48 kHz/24 bits)
  • Clear and easy to use interface
  • Multi Round-Robin and articulation. 30 alternative samples per key!
  • Direct to tape (15 frames per second)
  • Mix – Ready sound

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