OwnHammer – Impulse Response Libraries – Rock-Box DVNT77-16A (WAV)

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  • The OwnHammer Rock-Box cabinets are custom-made enclosures designed exclusively for capturing impulse responses and various sound design purposes.
  • These cabinets aim to maximize fidelity, musicality, and versatility across different musical styles and applications.
  • They offer a unique tonal blend that combines familiarity and novelty, ensuring a neutral platform that allows the distinct characteristics of speakers, guitars, pickups, amplifiers, and playing nuances to shine without interference.
  • Innovative construction techniques were employed to meet these demanding requirements, resulting in a tone characterized by a clear bass end, enchanting midrange, silky high end, and exceptional note clarity throughout the frequency spectrum.

Speaker Details:

  • The speaker is based on the design of the Eminence DV-77.
  • It features a 12-inch speaker with a 2021 model year.
  • The speaker has an impedance of 16 ohms and a resonance frequency (Fs) of 70 Hz.

Function Set:

  • The collection includes 35 different multi-mic mixes, all recorded using professional-level production and mastering signal chains.
  • These mixes are categorized as follows:
    • Classic Cab: 5 mic mixes, each with 5 different mic locations (25 impulse responses).
    • Blend Cab: 5 mic locations with 1 mic mix (5 impulse responses).
    • Modern Cab: 5 mic spots and 1 mic mix (5 impulse responses).

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