Overloud Gem – VOICE 1.0.6 [Intel/Apple] [WIN K-Gen]

VOICE is a cutting-edge plugin tailored for vocal processing. It streamlines your vocal production workflow, drawing inspiration from analog processors. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, VOICE has something for everyone.

Key Features:

  1. Resizable GUI: VOICE now comes with a brand-new resizable interface, giving you more control over your workspace.

  2. Mic Preamp (4 models): Choose from 4 distinct mic preamp models to enhance your vocal recordings.

  3. Tape Simulator (3 tapes + 3 special modes): Achieve that warm, vintage sound with 3 different tape simulations and 3 special modes for added versatility.

  4. Voice Amplifier: Make your vocals stand out with the Voice Amplifier feature, designed to add depth and character to your voice.

  5. De-Boxer and De-Esser: Clean up your vocal tracks effortlessly with the De-Boxer and De-Esser functions, ensuring clarity and precision.

  6. Dynamics Processor with Compressors (5 models) and Extender-Gate: Take control of your vocal dynamics with 5 compressor models and an Extender-Gate for creative effects.

  7. Equalizer (5 models): Shape your vocals to perfection with 5 different equalizer models, allowing you to sculpt your sound with precision.

  8. Spatial Processor / Reverb block: Add depth and space to your vocals using the Spatial Processor and Reverb block, creating a lush sonic landscape.

  9. Analog Delay: Experiment with analog delay effects to give your vocals a unique and captivating character.

  10. Main Section with Additional Limiter: The main section of VOICE includes an additional limiter, ensuring that your vocal tracks stay under control.

  11. Interactive Dynamic Display: Get a real-time visual representation of your vocal dynamics with the interactive dynamic display.

  12. Interactive EQ Display: Visualize your EQ adjustments in real-time with the interactive EQ display, making fine-tuning a breeze.

With VOICE, you have the tools to elevate your vocal production to the next level. Explore its features and unlock the full potential of your vocal recordings. Get ready to create captivating and professional-sounding vocals with ease.

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1 month ago


Tom Davidson
Tom Davidson
1 month ago

Could you please get us “XLN Audio – Life”?
That would be really great!