Output – Arcade 2 v2.2.0 R18263 (WIN.OSX) + LiBRARY CONTENT V2

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Download Output Arcade 2 Free for Windows and Mac with Content Library v2.

Overview of Output Arcade

Output Arcade is a unique cloud-based loop tool and synthesizer that offers a new way to work with samples. This instrument takes an innovative approach to virtual synthesizers.

Features of Output Arcade

  • Access to a cloud library of loops via a paid subscription ($10/month).
  • Customize and shape sounds using 11 built-in effects and modulation capabilities.
  • Unconventional MIDI keyboard layout where white keys trigger loops, and black keys modify sound.
  • Categorized content in the cloud library (Product Lines, Kits, Loops) with keyword-based search.
  • Comes with preset sound Kits, each containing 15 loops.
  • Ability to import and process your own content using Arcade tools.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • The ARCADE LiBRARY CONTENT folder contains instrument libraries in zip archives. No need to unpack them.
  • Users who already have versions 2.0.5 or 2.0.6 only need to download and install the update from the UPDATE ONLY folder.
  • First-time users should download the full version.
  • Use the provided utility tool for library import.

Installation and Activation Process

  • Download Arcade and run the Updater Release if you had previous releases.
  • Follow the instructions in the utility tool to import the library content.
  • Special thanks to Team R2R for their contributions and knowledge.

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