NoiseAsh – Backs Pro Bundle v1.0.0


Free Download Backs Pro Bundle by NoiseAsh, v1.0.0, for Windows and Macc OS.

Overview of the Backs Collection of EQs:

Smooth, enjoyable and fantastic multi-purpose tools . Introducing the Backs Collection of EQs: a combination of classic 1950s Baxandal-inspired circuits that powered millions of sound systems around the world, powerful extra midrange, and powerful vintage preamp tones. 

Also combines additional modern features with an original vintage tone. Now in one package with two different versions to suit your needs – Standard and Pro (which combines additional modern features with the original vintage tone).

Features of the Backs Collection:

  • BACKS EQ: This plugin is based on classic ’50s circuits and is designed to adjust the tonal balance of a track without introducing harsh or unnatural resonances. It offers a smooth extra midband and a tube preamp, making it a powerful tool for mastering, mixing, and tracking.

  • BACKS PRO EQ: An improved version of the Backs EQ, the Backs Pro EQ introduces sweet and mellow tones with additional features such as mid and side frequency processing, the Nuance Deviation System (NDS), and another dedicated tube preamp mode (Type B). It’s an advanced tool for enhancing your mix and master bus.

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  • Two versions included: Backs EQ with a lighter processor and Backs Pro version with advanced modern capabilities.
  • Designed for mixing and mastering with classic shelf tones, including Low-shelf, High-shelf, High-Pass Filter, and Low-Pass Filter.
  • Additional Mid Band for precise tonal adjustments.
  • Additional Preamp Modes: Vintage Tube and Special Tube Saturation Type.
  • Interaction between equalizer bands.
  • Mid/side channel processing mode available in Backs Pro EQ.
  • Nuance Deviation System (NDS) for separate Left/Mid and Right/Side channels in Backs Pro EQ.
  • Analog modeling engine with anti-aliasing for authentic sound.
  • Optimized and customizable GUI for an efficient workflow.
  • Processor-friendly design ensures smooth performance.
  • Format : VST3, AAX, AU.
  • Bit capacity : 64bit
  • System requirements : WIN 7+ – macOS 10.9.5+

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