Nembrini Audio – The Voltour v1.0.0

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The Voltour 2 Channel All Valve Enhancer plugin pays homage to the legendary Thermionic Culture The Culture Vulture device, renowned for its exceptional sonic character and versatility. While staying true to the essence of the original hardware, this plugin extends its capabilities to offer a new dimension of sonic enhancement.

Key Plugin Features:

  • Enhanced Parallel Processing: The Voltour plugin introduces the “Mix” parameter, enabling you to harness the power of parallel processing. Blend your dry and wet signals seamlessly to achieve the perfect balance of warmth and texture.

  • Continuous Filter Option: Explore new sonic possibilities with the continuous filter option, allowing you to fine-tune the frequency shaping to your exact specifications. Sculpt your sound with precision.

  • Phase Parameter: Take control of your audio with the “Phase” parameter, which lets you mix the dry signal with the wet signal in a reversed phase. This creative tool opens up a world of sonic experimentation, adding depth and character to your sound.

  • Automatic Wet Output Leveling: The plugin features an automatic leveling mechanism for the wet output level, ensuring consistent and hassle-free audio processing. Focus on your creativity without worrying about volume fluctuations.

  • Stereo Imaging Control: The “Link” parameter grants you the ability to achieve a perfectly matched stereo image, enhancing the spatial dimension of your sound. Create immersive audio experiences with ease.

Valve Modes:

  1. Triode Valves: Emulate the warmth and subtle saturation of triode valves, ideal for adding a gentle “warming up” effect to your audio.

  2. P1 Pentode Mode: Dial in the distinctive character of P1 Pentode mode, which introduces odd harmonics to your sound. This mode imparts an aggressive edge while preserving the gated characteristics of your audio.

  3. P2 Mode: Unlock a unique and unconventional valve tuning experience with the P2 mode. At higher bias values, this mode even offers an additional octave of harmonic richness, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

The Voltour 2 Channel All Valve Enhancer plugin embodies the legacy of the Culture Vulture while expanding its sonic horizons. With an array of features and valve modes at your fingertips, it’s a powerful tool for adding warmth, texture, and character to your audio productions. Explore the world of sonic possibilities and elevate your sound with Voltour.


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