Native Instruments – Stradivari Violin 1.2.0 (KONTAKT)

Iconic solo violin.
An age of overwhelming sound– Experience the authentic sound of a cherished instrument from the world’s most renowned violin maker. Created in 1727 by Antonio Stradivari, the Vesuvius violin embodies the unrivaled skill of the Italian master. STRADIVARI VIOLIN reproduces the sound of this historic instrument in the smallest detail, played by master musicians in the rich acoustic environment of the Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi, Cremona. Sampled notes, immersive vibrato, multiple articulations and mixed microphone positions allow you to create highly expressive, lifelike solo strings with a unique timbre known for over 300 years.
Seamless dynamic passages– Create natural, vibrant violin solo performances. Smooth, phase-aligned cross-velocity variation on long articulations eliminates phasing when transitioning between dynamic layers.
Add Realistic Vibrato – Innovative simulation of live virtuoso vibrato performance, recorded and reapplied to sample content, enables highly accurate results through real-time control and automation.
Adjust the nuances of the timbre– Get the perfect tone for long articulations. Select “Low String” for a soft, mellow tone, or “High String” for a brighter and more resonant sound. Or choose a Smart position that intelligently selects a position close to the fretboard, to the other notes being played, like a real violinist would.
Wide Articulation Range – Switch between 20 articulations in total, including long, short, expressive, dynamic and special, all with three legato transitions. Or choose Virtuoso Adaptive Articulation, which intelligently combines multiple articulations based on velocity, note, and pitch bend information that you generate with the performance of your MIDI controller.

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Mischa Van Rodijnen
Mischa Van Rodijnen
1 year ago

I get “please install from original dvd”.Anyone know how to solve this?