Native Instruments – Piano Colors v1.0

PIANO colours could be a sample library that reimagines the sound capabilities of the piano, combining sounds recorded employing a variety of advanced enjoying ways with trendy modulation functions.
The PIANO colours assortment was recorded employing a sort of instruments and materials, as well as hammers, drumsticks, rubber, screws, the ensuing sounds were fastidiously recorded.
To demonstrate however PIANO colours is used as a clever tool in many genres, they brought Jared Hines, Kaan Bulak, Lisa Morgenstern and Jaffra along at the historic Berlin Theater in metropolis. The quartet created a shocking performance that blends jazz chords, classical orchestration, electroacoustic textures and floor energy to showcase the instrument’s wealthy skillfulness and artistic power. you’ll watch the video of the performanceFor Piano colours needs a sampler Native Instruments Kontakt Player six.5.3 or higher

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