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Journey back to the late 70s and early 80s, where the foundations of pop and electronic music were laid. NEO BOOGIE, a dynamic musical collection, resurrects vintage gear and infuses it with vibrant, rhythmic percussion, breathing new life into funk’s iconic groove. With a contemporary twist, this fusion of old-school charm and modern flair sets the stage for unforgettable musical experiences.

Embrace the Sound of NEO BOOGIE

NEO BOOGIE transports you to a musical era where shimmering chords, captivating riffs, and infectious live basslines are met with the pulsating energy of robotic beats and talk boxes. This fusion creates a seamless blend of classic funk vibes intertwined with elements of modern pop, hip-hop, and electro, offering a fresh perspective on the timeless genre.

Key Features

Explore the extensive offerings of NEO BOOGIE:

  • 50 MESMERIZING MASCHINE Kits: Dive into a treasure trove of kits that encapsulate the essence of funk while offering contemporary versatility.

  • 59 BATTERY Kits: Elevate your rhythm with a diverse selection of kits, perfect for infusing funk into your compositions.

  • 44 MASSIVE Presets: Unleash the power of MASSIVE with presets designed to capture the essence of NEO BOOGIE’s modern yet retro sound.

  • 36 MONARK Presets: Elevate your basslines with MONARK presets that add depth and character to your compositions.

  • Over 500 Samples and More: Access a vast library of samples and additional resources to fuel your creative journey.


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