Native Instruments – Karriem Riggins Drums (KONTAKT)

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Hip-hop drums. jazz spirit.
Check out the kits and one-shots created by the pioneering hip-hop producer and jazz drummer.
Intricate drum grooves simplified with manual controls
System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT (version 7.1.5 or higher)

Additional Information
Dig into patterns created by Karriem, plus drag them into your DAW to tweak things further
Part of the Play Series: Hard-hitting presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface
Off-the-grid beats
KARRIEM RIGGINS DRUMS packs the punch, crunch, and laid-back flow of one of the most innovative drummers and producers in hip hop. Explore a boundless palette of high-quality drums and percussion, from crisp and organic tones to high-grit textures, all lovingly sampled and playfully processed. Craft your own custom kits or dip into a range of presets, loops, and groove patterns curated by Karriem himself, as tightness and swing controls make it simple to dial in head-nodding beats that sway perfectly in the pocket.
Under the hood
Boasting simplicity, KARRIEM RIGGINS DRUMS tucks a kaleidoscope of percussion into a vivid interface – beautifully designed by artist Jason Jägel. Captured with care at the iconic Studio 3 at Sunset Sound, the sounds are treated with equal creativity, having been processed through modular units, tape machines, spring reverbs, and mixed up with some of Karriem’s ​​own secret sauce. The result? Standout sounds that encourage experimentation and are everything but mechanical.
Behind the sleeves
A multi-faceted jazz drummer and hip hop producer, Karriem has worked alongside the likes of J Dilla, Common, Madlib, Erykah Badu, Slum Village, Talib Kweli, The Roots, and many more. We sat down with the producer to dive into some of his favorite works, from iconic records that shaped hip hop, to trailblazing chart-toppers and his very own debut album.
At a glance
Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
For use with: The latest version of the free KONTAKT PLAYER.
Number of Sounds: 193
Number of Kits: 16
Preset Categories: N/A
Download size: 2.65GB
System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT (version 7.1.5 or higher)
Please also see the KONTAKT PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT PLAYER FAQ

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