Native Instruments Effects Series v2022.09.23 macOS

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Native Instruments offers a range of standalone plug-ins, as well as comprehensive packages for those who want to create their own collection of virtual effect racks.
your destructive side with our CRUSH PACK, which combines three unique plugins to transform your signals into creative and dynamic sounds. The BITE beat crusher brings back the feel of early samplers with a completely imperfect lo-fi sound, while DIRT, an elegant tool for creating inelegant sounds, breaks and distorts your signal for a stunning sound effect. Finally, FREAK modifies sounds with three modulation modes – vintage lo-fi radio, sidechain and classic swing – to create a universe of sci-fi noise and disharmonious content.
MOD PACK is an effects pack that offers a fresh take on classic modulation, with chorus, flanger and phaser effects providing new features for a whole world of possibilities.
CHORAL offers all the standard features of a classic chorus and adds new features like reverb to add movement, shimmer and sparkle to any signal. FLAIR offers a lush band and pedal-style beading along with an all-new Voices mode for harmonic layering. And PHASIS offers sounds borrowed from classic rack and pedal phasers, but adds a twist with controls that adjust the distance between peaks and notches and an all-new ULTRA mode for extraordinary FM-style effects.
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In Set

Bite v1.3.0

Choral v1.3.0

Dirt v1.3.0

Flair v1.3.0

Freak v1.3.0

Phasis v1.3.0

Raum v1.3.0

Replika v1.6.0

Replika XT v1.3.0

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