Native Instruments – BURNT HUES Expansion

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“Explore the World of Underground Hip-Hop with BURNT HUES”

Features of BURNT HUES Expansion:

  • Free, sample-heavy style influenced by funk, jazz, soul, and other genres.
  • Keyboards, guitars, synths, and bass were sampled from original recordings and mastered using vintage gear.
  • 50 MASCHINE kits for music creation.
  • 59 BATTERY kits to help you improve your beats.
  • For sound manipulation, there are 8 MASSIVE presets and 5 MONARK presets.
  • 408 one-shots, 466 loops, and much more to inspire your creativity.
  • Adds to the Play Series: Stacks make touch with the library.
  • Unpacked for your convenience.
  • Compatible with Maschine 2 (version 2.17.4) and Battery 4 (version 4.30).

Technical Specifications and System Requirements:

  • MSXII collaborated on the creation of BURNT HUES.
  • Because the library is supplied unpacked, no installation is necessary.
  • Compatible with Maschine 2 (version 2.17.4) and Battery 4 (version 4.30).

Installation Process:

  • Locate the Documentation folder in the package for complete instructions on how to use the reg file “BURNT HUES REG.”
  • To ensure a seamless setup, please follow the instructions provided.
  • There’s also a “burnt hues” folder with original icons; the instructions will show you where to put them.

Further Information:

  • Enter the world of vinyl stacks and loose, bouncing songs.
  • BURNT HUES encapsulates the spirit of West Coast crate-digging hip-hop from the early 2000s to the present.
  • Cuts of strings, horns, electric keys, live bass, and guitar licks are available.
  • Enjoy the blend of organic percussion and vintage synths.
  • Experience a funk, soul, and pop flavor collage sampled and processed on original analog gear.

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