Naroth Audio – BLOOM (KONTAKT)

Beautiful Sound Exploration Concept: Bloom With hundreds of sound sources packed into four powerful engines, Bloom opens up a new dimension of turning the traditional into something else. Bloom is the perfect tool for the creative mind, creating obscure soundscapes, lush pads, teasing impulses and more.

Bloom offers a wide range of interior sounds at your disposal. From delicate strings to high-octane guitars, from intimate woodwinds to otherworldly synths, Bloom has the right material and tools to create a unique sound. An ocean of sound sources combined with powerful effects and modules gives you a new sound platform with limitless possibilities. We found a team of very talented sound engineers to help us create the factory presets. Inside you will find ethereal pillows, dark and dangerous drones, energy pulses, soundscapes that will take you to another place, and much more.
• Over 500 audio sources (5.75 GB)
• Over 200 customizable options.
• 250 presets from world class designers.
• Intuitive preset browser with tags.
• 11 layer effects / 8 global effects.
• Import custom sounds and wave tables.
• Granular synthesis.
• User sequencer.
• 24-bit 48hz samples.
• Evolving pads, soundscapes, drones, impulses and more.
•Available for FREE Kontakt Player + NKS Ready
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