Mozaic Beats – Chord Prism 1.0.15 (WIN,macOS)

Mozaic Beats’ Chord Prism is a powerful MIDI effect plugin that allows music producers to create complex and expressive chord progressions with ease. The plugin features a range of chord generation and manipulation tools, as well as a real-time MIDI input and output, making it a versatile and creative tool for any producer.

At its core, Chord Prism is a chord generator that can generate chords based on a variety of parameters, including key, scale, and chord type. The plugin includes a wide range of chord types, from simple triads to complex jazz chords, as well as a range of inversions and voicings that can be used to create rich and varied harmonies.

The plugin’s interface is designed to be visually appealing and easy to use, with a range of color-coded buttons and sliders that make it easy to navigate and customize the chord generation process.

Chord Prism also includes a range of advanced features for manipulating and customizing chords, including the ability to add tension and release notes, adjust chord lengths and velocities, and apply humanization and quantization effects. These tools can be used to add expression and nuance to the chord progressions, making them sound more natural and dynamic.

The plugin can be used to generate chords in real-time based on MIDI input from a keyboard or other MIDI controller, or to output MIDI data to other instruments or devices. This makes Chord Prism a versatile tool for live performance, as well as studio production.

Mozaic Beats’ Chord Prism is a powerful and creative tool for music producers who are looking to add expressive and complex chord progressions to their productions. Its intuitive interface and advanced features make it easy to use and customize, while its MIDI input and output capabilities make it a versatile tool for both studio and live performance. If you’re looking to take your chord progressions to the next level, Chord Prism is definitely worth checking out.

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