[Mixtank] – The Sound Of Helsloot

In this video from “The Sound Of…” series, Helsloot talks in detail about his techniques used to create melodic techno and emotional progressive house.

1. Introduction
2. When We Meet Again
3. Making The Beats
4. The Main Melody
5. Creating The Bassline
6. Synths & Melodies
7. Creating Atmosphere
8. Track Arrangement
9. Adding Your Own Vocal
10. Shortcuts For Short Edits
11 .Final Mix & Master

Video format : MP4
Video : AVC, 1920×1080, 16:9, 29.970 fps, 2063-2795 Kbps
Audio : AAC, 48.0 KHz, 192 Kbps, 2 channels

Add. information
In 131 minutes and 11 chapters, Helsloot covers everything you need to know, from beat making, bass lines and melodies to synths, arrangements and mixes. This is a detailed look at his entire production process, where he breaks down his recent single “When We Meet Again” and teaches you the basic skills to help you change your sound, including:
  • How to Write Breathtakingly Melodic Techno and Progressive House
  • How to layer sounds to create a more complete and complete piece
  • How to get creative with MIDI and write custom melodies
  • How to master plugins like Cthulhu by Xfer and Mini V3 by Arturia
  • How to Improve Your Workflow Technique by Making DAWs and Plugins Work for You
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