[Mix With The Masters] Inside The Track #81 – Jennifer Hudson “Ain’t No Way”

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Kevin Davis is back with a new video dedicated to the Queen of Soul – Aretha Franklin! Watch as the Grammy Award-winning engineer breaks down his mix of Jennifer Hudson’s Aretha’s iconic ballad “Ain’t No Way” for the 2021 biopic Respect.
Davis reveals his hybrid processing chains as well as original processing methods for soulful, dynamic performances. By examining each stage of processing in detail, you can learn its methods of softening harsh artifacts and highlighting fine details. Find out how Kevin combines channeled strips with compressors to achieve his signature sound and add volume, tone and color to this sumptuous soundtrack. These additions capture the spirit and warmth of classic soul recordings while adding high quality modern touches. A must-see for both vintage connoisseurs and modern innovators.

1. Mix references, setting intentions, hybrid processing, lead vocal treatment, background vocals, reverbs
2. Vintage drum tones, taming transients, saturation and warmth, plugin selection, treating piano, vibraphone and horn section
3. Maintaining perspective, mix buss processing , gain staging, working the artist and label, preparing for mastering
There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

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